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Senate advances NSA reform but program to lapse at midnight

The Senate voted on Sunday to advance legislation reforming National Security Agency surveillance programs in a 77-17 vote. The bipartisan approval sets up a vote on final passage that will send the legislation to the White House, where President Obama has vowed to sign it.

Reid blames McConnell for ‘manufactured’ NSA crisis

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) slammed Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Sunday for creating a “manufactured crisis” over expiring provisions of the Patriot Act. Reid said McConnell was to blame for the possible expiration of the law at midnight, and not Sen. Rand Paul

NSA will lose spy powers as parts of Patriot Act expire

The NSA will lose its power to search through the phone records of millions of Americans on Sunday night amid a political battle between Republican factions in Congress. A deadlock in the US Senate means that parts of the Patriot Act, the sweeping counter-terror legislation

CIA head insists on spying on Americans

The head of the Central Intelligence Agency has insisted that the United States should continue snooping on telephone conversations of millions of Americans in order to stop terrorist attacks. In an interview with CBS News on Sunday, John Brennan also warned that stopping the National

US Patriot Act expiration looms LIVE UPDATES

The US Senate is holding a rare Sunday session to try and prevent the expiration of several controversial provisions of the Patriot Act, which allows wide-scale spying on Americans. The Obama administration claims it is crucial to US national security.

German defense minister defends spy partnership with US

Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen says collaboration with US spies is essential to the safety of German troops. The Christian Democrat has also addressed the conflict in the South China Sea. In an interview published in the Sunday edition of the mass-circulation daily Bild,

Gordon-Levitt has high hopes for impact of ‘Snowden’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has big expectations for the impact of “Snowden.” The 34-year-old actor wrapped filming earlier this month on the Oliver Stone thriller about former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, whose 2013 leaks to the media revealed the government’s bulk collection of American calling

Belgian, Dutch authorities to probe Germany over alleged snooping

Belgium and the Netherlands have each launched probes into whether the BND, Germany’s intelligence agency accused of helping the NSA carry out joint surveillance of Berlin’s closest allies in Europe, had targeted its neighbors. The investigations follow reports that Germany’s foreign intelligence agency, operating in

US to extend its cyber defense to Japan

The US announced in Tokyo on Saturday it will extend its cyber protection program to cover Japan, as its Asian ally faces a growing number of online attacks against its military bases and other key infrastructure such as the electricity grid. Under a new set

Rand Paul: ‘I will force the expiration’ of Patriot Act

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) vowed Saturday to do everything in his power to prevent an extension of the Patriot Act and its provisions concerning U.S. intelligence measures. Paul, a 2016 GOP presidential candidate, also promised he would shut down attempts to authorize the USA Freedom

Fear and loathing of the USA PATRIOT Act

Several controversial provisions of the Patriot Act are set to expire Sunday: The Obama administration insists that letting the law lapse would harm US security, while critics counter that it would be a big step in ending NSA abuses as exposed by Snowden. Should it

Why We Shouldn’t Trust the NSA with Our Metadata

Now is the weekend of our discontent, made glorious summer by this son of Ron. Or at least, it will be if Rand Paul finally manages to prevail in his crusade. On Sunday the United States Senate will convene to stage an almighty fight over

Disagreement Over Impact if US Surveillance Laws Do Expire

Barring a last-minute deal in Congress, three post-Sept. 11 surveillance laws used against spies and terrorists are set to expire as Sunday turns into Monday. Will that make Americans less secure? Absolutely, Obama administration officials say. Nonsense, counter civil liberties activists. That heated debate may