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German Gov’t Concealed Deal With US on NSA Spying List

In April, media uncovered that the German intelligence agency BND had provided technical assistance to the NSA in spying on European targets, including political figures and corporations. A German parliamentary commission initiated an investigation into the case urging Berlin to reveal the full list of

When Government Invades Privacy Instead of Protecting It

Two issues need to be examined when dealing with the government’s position on the right of privacy. Firstly, do we have the fundamental right of privacy? The Indian constitution does not explicitly provide for this right. Further The Attorney General has argued that the Supreme

NSA preps quantum-resistant algorithms to head off crypto-apocalypse

The National Security Agency is advising US agencies and businesses to prepare for a time in the not-too-distant future when the cryptography protecting virtually all e-mail, medical and financial records, and online transactions is rendered obsolete by quantum computing. Quantum computers have capabilities that can

Inside the Spyware Campaign Against Argentine Troublemakers

Alberto Nisman, the Argentine prosecutor known for doggedly investigating a 1994 Buenos Aires bombing, was targeted by invasive spy software downloaded onto his cellular phone shortly before his mysterious death. The software masqueraded as a confidential document and was intended to infect a Windows computer.

Germany Charges Own Spy With Spilling Secrets To US, Russia

The spy, arrested last summer, is accused of accepting more than $100,000 from the CIA to snoop on Germany. The German government has charged one of its own foreign-intelligence spies with treason for allegedly sharing secret files with both the CIA and Russian intelligence agents.

Case of US Spy in German Intelligence Service Goes to Trial

According to information obtained by Spiegel, investigators accuse the BND agent Markus R. of espionage in two cases. The case of a US spy, a former employee of the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) charged with treason, was passed to the prosecutor’s office in the

Amazon Web Services to open London data support centre

Amazon is targeting the custom of British start-ups by opening a base in London designed to support businesses using its cloud computing services, its first such facility outside the US. Its move comes amid fierce competition between providers of pay-as-you-go computing infrastructure, such as Google,

Why France would be better off granting Snowden asylum

Edward Snowden, a former governor contractor who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA), creating worldwide indignation due to the revelation of the major extent of United States spying practices, has generated controversial debate around the globe on the accuracy of publishing confidential

Beyond Edward Snowden: A Second Look At First Look Media

First Look Media wants to get beyond Edward Snowden. One can hardly blame it since the past year or two has been a public and painful experiment in creating the world’s premier spot for self-described fearless, adversarial journalism. False starts, hang-ups and ego clashes culminated

How Edward Snowden inspired a musical vision of the future

Composer Matthew Collings explains the title of his new collaborative work A Requiem For Edward Snowden in sobering terms. “I was convinced that he would shortly be dead,” he says of Snowden, the former US government contractor and computer programmer turned wanted whistleblower. “It’s interesting

US Officials: Edward Snowden Has Almost Lost Chance for Plea Deal

Despite earlier hopes that the US Justice Department would strike a plea deal with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, that likelihood is dwindling. According to officials, Washington has reevaluated Snowden’s usefulness, and decided his cooperation can be of little use to the government. Last month, former

Jeb Bush Wants NSA to Have More Powers to Spy on Americans

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said the government should have broad surveillance powers and called for technology firms to work with intelligence agencies to combat “evildoers.” Earlier this year, Congress voted to end the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of phone records. While giving a