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GCHQ AND ME: My Life Unmasking British Eavesdroppers

I STEPPED FROM the warmth of our source’s London flat. That February night in 1977, the air was damp and cool, the buzz of traffic muted in this leafy North London suburb, in the shadow of the iconic Alexandra Palace. A fellow journalist and I

Political Row Breaks Out in Germany Over Treason Charges

A huge political row has broken out in Germany over the decision by the Federal Attorney General to launch a treason investigation into the digital rights group for the organization’s role in exposing the role of the German secret service in the mass surveillance

Snowden Not Yet Considering Applying for Russian Citizenship

Former US National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden has not yet considered applying for Russian citizenship, Snowden’s lawyer Anatoly Kucherena said. In 2013, Snowden leaked information about illegal mass electronic surveillance programs conducted by the NSA. In the United States, Snowden faces up to

Tokyo Expects US Explanations on NSA Spying on Japanese Government

Tokyo is waiting for the United States to clarify situation with the revelations concerning the US National Security Agency (NSA) spying on the Japanese government and businesses, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told journalists. On Friday, WikiLeaks published a series of secret NSA documents

1300 march in Berlin in support of 2 journalists

“This is an attempt to curtail the media publishing damaging material, but it is also an attempt to put pressure on sources to stop leaking in the future,” Meister told The Local web portal, adding that the probe was “absurd” and a “heavy blow” to

Israeli Spy Pollard Will Be Released by U.S. in November

Pollard, decorated by the Navy for his intel work early on, grew convinced that the U.S. was cozying up to Arab states while not fully sharing crucial information with Israel. Thanks for the heads-up. Former President Shimon Peres, who was prime minister when Pollard was

Windows 10 Spies on Almost Everything You Do, Unless You Opt Out

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is spying on nearly everything its users do, and anyone who agreed to the operating system’s new terms of service consented to the surveillance, whether knowingly or otherwise. Included in Microsoft’s new 12,000-word service agreement, which goes into effect August 1, is

‘Incredibly intrusive’: Windows 10 spies on you by default

Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system is immensely popular, with 14 million downloads in just two days. The price of the free upgrade may just be your privacy, though, as changing Windows 10’s intrusive default settings is difficult. Technology journalists and bloggers are singing Windows

NSA pays highway cops $1mn to patrol data centres

The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has been paying local police patrols to monitor its data centre perimeters for over a year, according to Utah’s Salt Lake Tribune. These facilities have their own dedicated on-site security teams, however the NSA have confirmed the added measure

German Authorities Investigate Journalists Over ‘Treason’ Plot

Germany’s Federal Attorney General has announced it is investigating the digital rights group for treason and the organization’s role in exposing the role of the German secret service in the mass surveillance of its citizens. Following the revelation by former UK National Security Agency

Japan WikiLeaks Documents Pose Threat to Pacific Trade Pact Talks

Experts claim that new WikiLeaks revelations that the NSA secretly spied on Japanese diplomats could delay or derail negotiations to bring Tokyo into the US-led Trans Pacific Partnership. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — New WikiLeaks revelations that the National Security Agency (NSA) secretly spied on Japanese diplomats