Monthly Archives: February 2016

NSA May Soon Be Allowed to Share Intercepts with Other Agencies

Earlier this week, a declassified Inspector General report suggested the National Security Agency’s controversial Internet and phone monitoring program scoops up much less data than we previously suspected, because the program has a narrower targeting list. If that made anyone feel more comfortable with the

Brazil-Europe undersea cable to hide web traffic from US snooping

A new underwater cable that is to link Brazil with Portugal will protect Latin American internet traffic from US surveillance, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff indicated after meeting the presidents of the European Commission and the European Council. “We have to respect privacy, human rights and

Surveillance Case, Granted Discovery To Get Factual Evidence

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) got its first important court victory against the National Security Agency (NSA), compelling it to grant discovery in cases of widespread surveillance. The lawsuit, which has been dragging for 11 years, started when a former AT&T employee told the EFF

Encryption Battle: Is New York Trying to Ban iPhones?

New York state lawmakers have introduced a bill to ban the sale of smartphones that have data encryption technology, after having their sights set on Apple and Google for making their devices inaccessible to investigators. The legislation was introduced in January which would impose stiff

Assange: How ‘The Guardian’ Milked Edward Snowden’s Story

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange investigates the book behind Snowden, Oliver Stone’s forthcoming film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Shailene Woodley, Nicolas Cage, Scott Eastwood and Zachary Quinto. According to leaked Sony emails, movie rights for the book were bought for $700,000. The Snowden Files: The Inside Story

Facebook blocks messaging encryption service Crypter

Following publicity from major tech news outlets, Crypter, the encryption service designed to encrypt chat messages, has been blocked by social media giant Facebook. After Crypter, an app developed by Sussex University student Max Mitchell, was touted by the likes of BGR and TechCrunch earlier