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Ex-CIA Chief Cheers UK’s ‘Tolerance’ for Spying

The United Kingdom’s population is not as adamant in demanding more transparency from domestic intelligence services unlike privacy activists in the United States, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA) director Michael Hayden said. The Snowden files revealed that the NSA had

US Ex-Attorney General Praises Snowden for Leaking Surveillance Data

Former US Attorney General Eric Holder issued tacit endorsement Monday for Edward Snowden’s surveillance leaks. The prominent whistleblower played an inportant role in generating a public debate after leaking classified intelligence on US surveillance, according to Holder. “We can certainly argue about the way in

Snowden: US Should Reconsider System of Protection for Whistleblowers

Edward Snowden claims that the United States need a re-examination of national system of whistleblower protections. The United States need a re-examination of national system of whistleblower protections, former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden said. “We need iron-clad, enforceable protections for whistleblowers, and

Consumers Demanding Online Privacy in Light of Snowden Leaks

Technology users now have an unprecedented right to privacy thanks to Edward Snowden’s revelations on how US and UK agencies use the Internet to spy on them, political activist and journalist Glenn Greenwald’s partner David Miranda told the RT news channel. Miranda, who played a

Fired Pentagon Official: DoD and Obama Retaliate Against Whistleblowers

Over the weekend, former Pentagon assistant inspector general John Crane broke silence by going public with complaints about the Department of Defense and President Obama’s mistreatment of national security whistleblowers, including the high-profile cases of Edward Snowden and Thomas Drake. The 60-year-old Crane formally filed

NSA Provided Intelligence That Secured Iraq War Vote

According to two internal NSA documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and released by The Intercept on Monday, SIGINT provided by NSA helped the US mission to the United Nations secure the 2003 UN Security Council resolutions to wage war in Iraq. Signals

NSA Gitmo Link Reveals Entire Intelligence Community Corrupted

Ex-Judge Advocate General lawyer Todd Pierce claims that revelations that NSA officials took part in interrogations at the detention center at Guantanamo Bay indicated that the entire US intelligence apparatus was involved in illegal practices. Revelations that National Security Agency (NSA) officials took part in

NSA to Spy On Own Employees Everywhere, All the Time

A National Security Agency official is seeking the ability to track employees on their personal computers, as well as at office workstations, to ensure they are not participating in illegal activities, including downloading child pornography, or leaking state secrets. The director of the Pentagon’s Defense

Internet Users Avoid Searching for ‘Terrorism’ on Web After Snowden Leak

After former CIA contractor Edward Snowden revealed the ubiquitous government surveillance of the internet, ordinary users worldwide drastically altered their web browsing habits, to avoid being prosecuted for visiting pages containing materials associated with issues of “terrorism.” According to a survey by University of Toronto’s

Merkel’s Office Accused of Knowing of German Spy Agency Chaos

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office was alerted to the dysfunctionality of the country’s intelligence agency, BND, but took no action until the sacking of its chief Gerhard Schindler, according to one of the country’s most senior journalists. Schindler had faced tough questions by German lawmakers

What the NSA Doesn’t Know? How Many Americans It’s Spying On

At a press briefing on Monday, National Intelligence Director James Clapper stated that his intelligence network has no idea how many Americans are spied on by the National Security Agency (NSA). Congress is being pushed to approve giving the nationally-mandated Federal Bureau of Investigation access

CIA-Funded Tech Company to Surveil Credit Suisse Employees

Swiss bank Credit Suisse and the CIA-backed data analysis company Palantir are launching a joint surveillance program called Signac to track and catch bankers engaged in illegal trades. The move comes in the wake of revelations that Credit Suisse has accrued some $90 billion in

Russia’s Trace in NSA Spying Scandal Proofless Rumors – Ex-BND Chief

The Russian involvement in Edward Snowden’s leaks on the BND targeting European authorities and individuals at NSA’s request should be qualified as unsubstantiated rumors, August Hanning, former head of the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND), told Sputnik Friday. Last week, media reports emerged claiming that